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What is the MHR Project?

We are the Mannequin Head Recycling Project and we have created an alternative, positive solution to the disposal of mannequin heads used by beauty school students, to help keep them out of the landfills and give them a second life!  Please see the "About Us" page for more information!


What will you do with the heads?

We keep them out of the landfills by selling them on our sister site to people who use them as novelty items or Halloween decorations and all sorts of stuff.  For example, holiday patterns, mock actors, faces that portray moods (happy, sad, scary, etc) as well as aliens, vampires and the list goes on, that can be used for decorations, Halloween, party decor, etc.  People have come up with a lot of ideas for what to do with them, and the list keeps growing.  The proceeds from the sales go toward scholarships for ALL participating schools, shipping reimbursement for schools that have to ship the heads to us, because we know how pricey shipping can be and we don't want people to be deterred from participating, simply because shipping is expensive.  This way, everybody can get involved to help make the environment cleaner!  Whatever is leftover after all of that, goes toward paying salaries for our employees, to keep the business and website operational, as well as paying gas and travel expenses for us to go and pick up the heads across the western states.


But this is costly for my business in an already tight economy. Why should I do this?

It's actually at no cost to you!  We reimburse for all shipping costs so you can participate without having to worry about the expense.  Some schools are being creative with how they approach this.  For example, by offering extra credit to students that send theirs in.  Some states also offer a tax break for recycling!  Check with your states tax break opportunities.  It may be something that will benefit your company!


I would like to participate, but can't afford the cost of shipping yet.  What can we do?

If you are in any western states, such as Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho or Nevada, we can pick them up in person.  If you are from those states, click on the state in which you reside under the "Residents Of" menu.  If you are not from one of those states and can't afford shipping, there's still hope!  We will reimburse for all shipping costs!


What does our school get out of this?

We are showcasing all participating schools with a number of how many heads they have donated!  The top school is also showcased on the frontpage of our site.  We also have a link from our website to their website so any potential student can quickly access a school that wants to stay green by contributing towards the well-being of our environment!  We are also on facebook now and will be getting the word out through there.  Basically, participating schools will receive free advertising just for sending us their useless heads, rather than just carelessly throwing them away.


How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy.  Just click on the "Get Involved" tab and we will help you!  You can also click on the "Contact Us" link if you would like to email us any questions, comments or ideas you may have.